Recommended Campaign Strategies

music grant

Ask your community!

Invite local businesses to support the cause! Below is a great idea to involve wineries and breweries in your area. Modify to fit your neighborhood – consider asking local restaurants, pottery shops, any place that incorporates local musicians/bands to offer a special in honor of Give a Note. Do you know a home-party consultant? Present them with the opportunity to assist you in your fundraising efforts.

Invite wineries and breweries to run a drink special every Saturday and Sunday during the month of November or December while local musicians play at their venue. We suggest a special of $5. All first drink proceeds will go to the campaign. All drink revenue following will go to the venue.

Let’s say 100 people visit a winery/brewery each day. If only 50% purchase the drink special, you will still be able to bring in $500 per weekend per venue.

Resources you will need:

PPT Partnership Proposal and Campaign Overview

Script for Owner, Script for Participant, Script for Musician

Social Media Copy for Wineries and Breweries

Music Ed Matters Campaign Flyer

**You will need to provide balloons and flyers at event**

Appeal to their appetite!

Have a good old fashioned bake sale! Bake a variety of goodies and sell at your place of work, your child’s sports games, or at your place of worship. Who can resist a delectable treat?

Music Ed Matters Campaign Flyer