Music Education is a Right of Every Student

Where you live shouldn’t determine what you learn.
No school is whole without the sound of students learning the greatness of their own voices.
Music is primary in education.
And we are keeping it in schools.
Because #MusicEdMatters.



$1.2M Grants
1,000 Donors
100+ Schools
45K Students

Give A Note Foundation’s Fall 2018

Music Education Innovator Award

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About Us

Give A Note Foundation was created to bring awareness to the importance of music education and to nurture, grow, and strengthen music education opportunities—for every student, every school, and every community. Because music not only offers students the chance to develop creativity and self-expression, but also builds skills such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that are necessary for success.

How You Can Make a Difference in a Classroom

Music In Our Schools

The Music In Our Schools Tour is a signature concert series held in partnership with Radio Disney during the National Association for Music Education’s Music In Our Schools Month. Every March we send popular musicians around the country to highlight powerful school music programs. Each school we choose is celebrated with a special community concert as well as a Give A Note grant to continue their program, and raise awareness of the value of music education in the lives of students. View the Radio Disney video above to see the impact made in prior years.

Check out the winning schools for the 2017 Music In Our Schools – Music Inspires Tour.