Five Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Music Teacher


Back-to-school season is a timely reminder of the impact a great music educator can have on a young student’s mind. Whether you’re actively taking music lessons or have done so in the past, you can probably point to a particular teacher as being your main influence or source of inspiration. From teaching you responsibility to always believing in you, there’s no shortage of things you can thank your music teachers for. Make this the year that music educators are thanked for everything they do–here’s why and how you can show them appreciation.


They Believe in You 

The difference between good teachers and great teachers is that great teachers make sure you don’t quit at the first sign of a struggle. Great music teachers help you realize that a missed note isn’t the end of the world and that losing motivation here and there is no reason to quit; instead, they pick you up and push you back out onto the stage. By believing in you, your music teacher will help instill in you a sense of self-worth, and that sense of self-worth likely can help you become stronger and more confident in other areas of your life.


They Teach You Responsibility 

If you think of yourself as being especially responsible, you can thank your music teacher. As a student, not only are you responsible for showing up to music lessons on time and with the right equipment, but you’re responsible for taking care of your instrument. From performing routine maintenance to making sure it’s stored safely in its case, caring for an instrument helps prepare you for some of the responsibilities you’ll face as an adult. Bonus: Showing up on time for music lessons can help you become a more punctual adult, too!


They’re Dedicated to You 

Whether your music teacher stays after school to help you perfect your riffs or makes special Saturday appointments so you don’t miss a lesson when you go on family vacations, music teachers go above and beyond the call of duty. From making time for after school lessons and running orchestras and clubs to helping out with fundraisers and planning fun activities, much of what music teachers do isn’t included in their salary. If you ever feel like your music teacher goes the extra mile for you, write them a thank you letter, even if you already stopped taking lessons from them—appreciation is better late than never!


They Make Your Time in School a Little Easier 

Believe it or not, multiple studies have correlated learning music at a young age to increased test scores. If you scored high on your SATs or picked up mathematics a little better than your peers, learning music may have had a big impact on that. From improved math and reading skills to an improved IQ and memory, here’s an infographic that proves that music lessons can help make you smarter. While you’re thanking your teacher be sure to thank your mom and dad, too—without their foresight and financial contribution you probably wouldn’t be taking lessons in the first place!

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Music Helps You Become Successful in Society 

Music is the fabric of our society, meaning it can help shape our abilities and character. Students who are part of a band or orchestra are less likely to abuse substances over their lifetime and are more likely to stay engaged in school and learn important life skills like teamwork. From mastering memorization to developing language and reasoning, learning music helps young children become more successful members of society. In addition to everything mentioned above, here are more reasons you should thank your music teacher:

Why Saying “Thank You” Is Important 

Appreciation is a fundamental human need, and people respond positively to appreciation expressed through recognition of their work because it confirms their work is valued. By saying “thank you” to your music teachers, not only are you letting them know you appreciate everything they do for you but you’re indirectly helping improve your school’s music program. Here’s how: Studies have shown that when employees feel appreciated, the benefits include higher individual productivity, greater employee satisfaction, and an increase in retention rates. So, by thanking your music teacher, not only are you doing them a favor, but you’re doing your school or music organization a favor, too.


How to Thank Your Music Teacher 

As mentioned above, writing your music teacher a thank you note is a great way of thanking them for everything they’ve done for you. Although thank you notes, gift cards, and flowers are great tokens of appreciation, you can go above and beyond by nominating your favorite music teacher for Music & Arts’ annual Music Educator of the Year Award. Reserved for current music educators, candidates for the award should have devoted a major part of their careers to the advancement of music education. Teachers from kindergarten to collegiate levels are eligible.


About Music & Arts

Music & Arts teaches over 1.65 million lessons a year, and each of their 2,000+ instructors is background-checked and university-trained. “We see the real impact and value of music education in our studios, which is why recognizing music teachers for their dedication is so important to us,” said Renier Fee, Director of Marketing at Music & Arts. “Whether lessons are taken in our private music facilities or elsewhere, having access to world-class music educators and customized instruction helps children become well-adjusted adults.”

music and artsRenier Fee is a member of the Give a Note Foundation Board. 

Renier oversees marketing for Music & Arts, the largest music education company in the country, with more than 135 retail stores, over 350 retail affiliates, website operations, and a road rep force servicing students and music teachers nationwide.

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