Fun, Effective Music Education is Easy to Achieve

Music is a powerful tool in learning, and Give A Note believes every student should have the opportunity to learn music in school.

Keys and Kingdoms offers new and exciting ways for students to unlock the magic of music through gaming technology.

“Learning and playing music through gaming with Keys & Kingdoms is such a creative and engaging process for everyone!”

– Anne M. Fennell, M.Ed., Music Educator and Administrator

For a limited time only, Keys and Kingdoms is donating up to 50 one-year Silver Enterprise Licenses through their partnership with Give A Note!  Included with the one-year license is one free 25-key midi keyboard and full access to the game with hundreds of learning songs, quests, and islands to explore.


1. Free SILVER Enterprise License giving you access to 50 student character profiles
3. Full access to the game with hundreds of learning songs, quests, and islands to explore
3. Free professional and portable 25-key midi controller
4. Gamified ear training, theory and technique training, composition, improvisation, and much more!
5. Regular software updates with all new content, songs, artists, and challenges
6. Full technical support team and 20% off school discount coupons

No cost or commitment, just sign up HERE.

“My goal is to make sure my students always enjoy learning.  Keys & Kingdoms keeps them engaged and wanting to reach for more.”

– Rosa Rabinovich, Curriculum Support Specialist for Miami-Dade County Public Schools
2019 Give A Note Music Education Innovators Award recipient

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