When words aren’t enough

Dear Give A Note community,

Music is a unique power. It can soothe, teach, inspire, and unite. Importantly, it can also allow us to express ourselves when we cannot find the right words. Now is such a moment.

The Give A Note team has grieved over the recent losses of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many other Black lives. And we have shared in the pain and anger felt by communities of color across this country who have felt their voices go unheard for too long. We stand firmly in support of the Black community and #BlackLivesMatter.

Give A Note was founded to ensure that every student in every community should have equitable access to music. For too many in our society, that access is not equal.

The majority of students and music educators we serve through our programs at Give A Note are from urban and rural school districts, whose music programs are disproportionately underfunded. We believe the need to have access to quality music education is so important to their social and emotional well-being. We are tremendously proud of the work the music education community does to support and build a safe, inclusive place for students to express themselves through music.

However, we can and must do more – for our students, teachers, and communities. The actions we take – as individuals, communities, and organizations – to reduce inequities going forward matters more than ever. We may not always know how to say the right things, but we know that music can help us heal.

In love and solidarity,

Beth Slusher, CEO
c: 317-508-0191

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