Ostinato Circle

You are invited to join Give a Note Foundation’s Ostinato Circle

Ostinato (n): A recurring musical phrase or series of notes

Members of this philanthropic community commit to a monthly recurring donation.
Pledge your support for the future of music education.

Giving levels:
Sixteenth Note – $6 per month
Eighth Note – $12 per month
Quarter Note – $25 per month
Half Note – $50 per month
Whole Note – $100 per month

Join online

Call NAfME Member Services at 800-336-3768 or

Complete this form and mail to:

Give a Note Foundation, 1806 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston, VA 20191.

Ostinato Circle Awards
Annually, beginning with the June 2014 NAfME National Assembly Meeting, Give a Note Foundation will make two Ostinato Awards for the following:
• State with the greatest percentage of members giving, AND
• State with the greatest dollar amount of overall donations
The winning states will each receive 10 scholarships for the NAfME National In-Service Conference or NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference (in even years). These scholarships will include registration and two hotel nights (at the conference hotel). States may award the scholarships as they wish.