Why is Music Essential to Arts Education?

by Beth Slusher, CEO, Give A Note Foundation

Music education advocates know that student participation in music learning statistically improves academic performance, enhances cognitive development, and improves literacy and math skills by as much as 20%.

So WHY do arts advocates have to continually fight for funding and validation to support the importance of music in our schools?

Because music programs are costly to support and most school budgets do not prioritize music as essential to their academic success. Yet, schools with the best national rankings for graduation rates and overall student performance invest in providing quality music instruction at all grade levels.

HOW can we make music education more accessible to all students?

School music budgets rarely cover the full cost needed to provide quality music instruction, especially when educators want to expand their programs beyond the traditional teaching methods. Innovative music programs, such as modern band, music technology, audio production, mariachi, R&B and hiphop programs all encourage students from diverse backgrounds to participate in music in non-traditional ways.

Give A Note funds innovative strategies in music education to help educators reach the broader student population.

Let’s work together so more students can be excited by, and included in culturally relevant, quality music instruction in school.

If music has made an impact in your life, we invite you to join us and be an arts advocate for music education.

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