Keeping Music Education Alive during COVID

Give A Note and our partners at the National Educational Music Company (“NEMC”) knew we had to help teachers and students continue to make music during this nationwide challenge. We’re so grateful to have them as our partners for our Let’s Play Music Fund!

NEMC is a leading national provider of band and orchestra instruments for schools. Based in Piscataway, NJ, the Company distributes and rents instruments through a network of over 100 locally owned music stores, directly through schools, and via an EasyRent Direct home delivery program. Founded in 1957, NEMC strives to be a world class company, enriching lives and improving businesses in support of Music Education. The NEMC team is dedicated to making sure children across the country are successful in school band or orchestra with a quality instrument.

It’s Truly ALL About the Instruments

A student’s success in band or orchestra depends on having a quality instrument in the best playing condition that is backed by service, exchange and purchase options all at an affordable price. These are all the attributes of the NEMC EasyRent program.

NEMC’s EasyRent instruments go through a rigorous 35-step refurbishment and quality-certification process that makes us an industry benchmark. All instruments are sanitized and packaged in plastic.

NEMC has historically consulted with the CDC in the development of their process to clean and sanitize rental instruments used by schools. In 2020 the process was updated yet again to address current needs.

Instrument cleaning requires multiple steps and NEMC uses modern equipment and processes to ensure complete sanitization for all types of instruments.
Brass instruments are disassembled and submerged in an ultrasonic cleaner which uses cavitation caused high frequency sound waves to remove contaminants.

NEMC also offers instrument repair and maintenance through our EasyCare repair facility for student instruments, school fleets and the general public.

Our shop is a premiere repair facility for all brass, woodwind, percussion and stringed instruments, staffed by 20 full-time pro technicians (Napbirt Members).

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