December 1, 2016

#NAfME2016 Shines a Light on Music Education!

Each year, the Give a Note Foundation is challenged to come up with innovative ways to raise funds to further its mission. At National Association for Music Education’s (NAfME) 2016 National Music Education In-Service Conference, Give A Note debuted its newest initiative to SHINE A LIGHT ON MUSIC EDUCATION by way of flashy LED pens. Hundreds of music students, educators, and supporters including Vocal Majority contributed to Give A Note.

It was a POWERFUL moment. Give A Note is excited to continue to SHINE A LIGHT ON MUSIC EDUCATION on the Music In Our Schools Tour this spring! Stay tuned.

No school is whole without the sound of students learning the greatness of their own voices. We will continue to shine a light on music education until every student in America has access to music opportunities.



In 2011, Give A Note Foundation was established to support and strengthen music education programs to ensure that all students have access to the life-changing benefits of music study. Over the years we have provided thousands of students with the opportunity to develop the important skills tied to life-long success through music.





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