Give a Note Grant Presentations

Presentations for the week of September 15, 2015


Give a Note Foundation and 21st Century Fox are crossing the country presenting grants to schools as part of the grant program established to honor the series finale of the Fox series, Glee.  Sixteen schools from across the country will be hosting grant presentations to highlight amazing music programs, music teachers, and students.  Last week we visited, Catherine and Count Basie Middle School in Queens, New York.

On Tuesday, September 16th we went to University Park Creative Arts School in Charlotte, NC.  Page Crawford from the local Fox 46 affiliate helped with the presentation!


We will be at Benjamin Mays High School in Atlanta on Thursday, September 24.


Coming up next week:

9/29 Edward Reynolds High School, NY

9/29 Carter Academy, Houston, TX

9/30 Thomas Jefferson High School, Los Angeles, CA

9/30 Tilden Middle School, Philadelphia, PA

10/1 Chrysler Elementary, Detroit, MI



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